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Designing our products and those of our customers quickly, using scanning equipment that goes above and beyond the typical design/job shop’s capabilities.

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Commercial Applications of 3D Scanning

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3D Scanning Capability

UMS possesses 3D Scanning equipment that goes above and beyond the typical design/job shop’s capabilities in which a part, assembly, or platform can be scanned directly to a usable CAD model.  In a matter of minutes, our scanners can take an object resting on a table in the shop or objects on the job site and give you an accurate representation directly to Stereolithography (STL) format, utilizing our Artec Space Spider and/or Leo 3D Scanners.  These are Structured Light 3D Scanners that capture minute details of an object’s exterior and interior (if large enough to fit the scanner inside).  We can then take that STL output directly to print, or we can export that STL into our Artec Studio 15, or SolidWorks software to create clean STL models or parametric models and drawings for our customers to be able to use in their design, manufacturing, and quality control processes.

3D scanning capability allows us to design our products and those of our customers much faster in a myriad of ways, including:

  1. Speeding up the reverse engineering process by eliminating the need for a CAD designer to painstakingly recreate every feature of an object
  2. Quality control checks to ensure dimensional compliance
  3. Allows for scans to be 3D printed for fit checks, testing, or rapid prototyping
  4. Investigating legacy parts for customers to reclaim lost knowledge

This technology can also be used to identify, quantify, and define natural shapes that would otherwise be insanely challenging to model otherwise.  For instance, the creation of orthopedic braces, prosthetics, and other custom medical devices that are based on a single end-user.

Scanning capability specifications:

These scans can reach 0.0004” accuracy for smaller parts (think shoebox size) and an average of 0.004” resolution for very large parts (think pickup truck bed size).



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